JADEMU was founded in London in 1996. It has patriotically contributed to Ugandan political life in various ways within and without Uganda. The late Dr. Joseph Zirabamuzaale Kazigo was its first Global Leader.

In the past, JADEMU collaborated with patriotic political actors in Uganda, including Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere – the former DP President General; late Hon. Alphonse Ntale – Co-Founder of the DP; the late Hon. Anthony Ssekweyama; the late Hon. Michael Ojok Mulozi; Mr. Michael Kaggwa – former DP Mobilisers Leader; Hon. Ken Lukyamuzi – CP President General; Hon. Robert Kitariko – former DP Secretary General; Hon. Zachary Olum – former DP Vice President; late Louis Otika – former FDC Co-ordinator; to mention but a few.

Some of JADEMU’s patriotic contributions have, among others, included exposing the NRM’s violations of human rights and freedoms of Ugandans; fighting for multiparty democracy and human rights respect in Uganda; supporting the Democratic Party (DP) in the 90s; providing support in various ways to Ugandan political actors in Uganda and; organizing political conferences in the Diaspora.

It has also established the culture of recognizing and celebrating Ugandan deceased and contemporary heroic patriots, whose extra-ordinary patriotism may be down played by selfish unpatriotic actors, and who ought to be recognized and celebrated by all the just, democratic and patriotic Ugandan compatriots.

Respectively, JADEMU created 3 Titles for recognizing heroic patriotism which include:

1. Justice Advancement Patriotism (JAP), whose deceased holder is recognized as Justice Patriot (JP);

2. Excelling Justice Advancement Patriotism (EJAP), whose deceased holder is recognized as Excelling Justice Patriot (EJP) and;

3. Contemporary Justice Patriotism (CJP), whose contemporary holder is recognized as Contemporary Justice Patriot (CJP).

When JADEMU was founded in 1996, it was called Diaspora Democrats of Uganda (DIDEMU). The name was changed from DIDEMU to JADEMU so as to globally bring about unity of action for all just, democratic and patriotic Ugandans within and without Uganda.