About Us

1. What JADEMU Is:

Justice Advancement Democrats Of Uganda, JADEMU in short, is a global Ugandan political Membership Organization, made of Individual Ugandans and their Friends, who stand for the cause of advancing in Uganda Justice, Lasting Peace, Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom, the Right to Internal Democratic Self – Determination, Good Governance, Ugandan Peoples’ Traditional Cultures, Equity, Rule of Law, National Unity-In-Diversity, Common Good, Wellbeing and Happiness For All.

2. JADEMU Motto:

Standing Against Injustices

3. JADEMU Aims and Objectives:

1. To bring together Individual Ugandans and their Friends in Uganda and in the Diaspora who wish to promote justice and fight against social, economic and political injustices and any other anti-democracy practices in Uganda.

2. To promote the creation of one strong Ugandan voice which can effectively promote a Just and Democratic System of Governance in Uganda, which would be based on Justice, Human Rights, Integrity, Unity-In-Diversity and Ugandan Peoples’ Traditional Cultures and Heritages.

3. To campaign for justice, rule of law and constitutionalism in Uganda and; to promote politico-judicial causes of Ugandan individual persons, nationalities, peoples and of any party whose human, democratic and/or legal rights may be abused or be threatened by any violator.

4. To collaborate with and support a legitimate and collaborative DP National Leadership and Actors, and any other “Patriotic Ugandan Political Vying Organisations and Actors” within and without Uganda whose objectives include, among others, to get political power so as to patriotically promote in Uganda justice, human rights, democracy, freedoms, peace, the Right to Internal Democratic Self-Determination of Ugandan national historical peoples and common good.

5. To collaborate with political organizations whose aims and actions do promote justice, democracy, African fraternity, mutual respect, reconciliation, solidarity and peace between African people, within Africa and in the Diaspora and; to propagate consensus based African gradual democratic integration for consenting African nationalities and countries.

6. To do justice to the deceased and contemporary Ugandan patriots who heroically fought/fight for the Ugandan cause of justice, freedom, human rights, democracy, the Right to Internal Democratic Self-Determination and common good, and whose patriotism may be selfishly downplayed by selfish unpatriotic actors, by recognizing and celebrating their extra-ordinary patriotism and; by standing in solidarity with the close relations and special friends of the deceased recognized and celebrated patriots or with the contemporary recognised patriots themselves.

4. JADEMU Membership

JADEMU is a membership global organisations for Ugandans and their Friends who wish to promote justice, human rights, freedom, peace, the Right to Internal Democratic Self-Determination of Ugandan historical national peoples and common good and; who subscribe to its Constitution.

Any person who is interested to patriotically contribute to Ugandan political life is invited to join JADEMU by applying for membership through his/her respective National Executive Council (NEC) or Central Executive Council (CEEL); by annually paying a Membership Fee which is determined by the Central Executive Council (CEC) and; by participating in and supporting official JADEMU activities, as he/she may be asked by JADEMU Leaders.