You are patriotically and warmly welcome to the Justice Advancement Democrats Of Uganda (JADEMU) official Website.

We, as Justice Advancement Democrats Of Uganda, hope that by visiting our Website, you will be able to know who we are and stand for as a membership political organisation and; also be able to know our continuing and collective participation in the Ugandan National Political Struggle for Justice, Lasting Peace, Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom, the Right to Internal Democratic Self – Determination, Good Governance, Common Good, Wellbeing and Happiness for all Ugandans, which started when JADEMU was founded in 1996.


It is our desire that this Site provide you with information about Ugandan Political Events and Activities which may be organized annually and occasionally in Uganda and in the Diaspora, by JADEMU and by other organisations.


Hopefully, this Web will also enable you to learn about, get inspiration from and do patriotically celebrate Outstanding Patriotic Contributions of our deceased and contemporary Heroic Unsung Ugandan Patriots.


Last but not least, we believe that this Site will offer you an opportunity to apply for joining the JADEMU so as to patriotically, collectively and effectively contribute to our Motherland’s Renowned Political Struggle, wherever you may be on the globe, in ways that can be appreciated and recognized by fellow Ugandan Compatriots and Friends, under the auspices of JADEMU, contemporarily and in future.